Xavier Guery has 20 years of uninterrupted and successful experience in the financial services and the investment banking industry. Engineer by training, Xavier graduated (BS) from ENSEM, a leading French electrical engineering school. He subsequently achieved a Master Degree in International Finance at HEC in Paris, ranked #1 business school in France.
He began his financial career in 1994 at Caisse des Depots et Consignations, a state-owned French Bank as an Equity Derivative trader in the Paris office. Looking for international exposure, he went to Commerzbank, a German Bank, for whom he managed a portfolio of equity derivative products both in Frankfurt, Germany and London, England. Xavier rapidly made a name in the booming derivatives industry and was approached by another German bank, DrKW (Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein) where he served as Director in London, running the Index derivatives trading book.
In 2004, DrKW assigned Xavier in NYC and asked him to run its US Equity Derivatives Trading franchise. During the turmoil following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Xavier saw an opportunity and decided to switch to the equity derivatives brokerage business. Leveraging on his 14 year long experience as a trader, his entrepreneurial spirit and countless relationships in the derivatives space, he first joined Louis Capital Markets and more recently Sunrise Brokers where he acted as derivative sales person.

While working for Sunrise Brokers, Xavier Guery not only attended night classes, seminars and week-end trainings in Real Estate but he also launched XNV Properties, LLC. While originally setting-up XNV Properties in 2013 as his personal investment vehicle, Xavier has decided to build on his personal success in RE and make it his new full time endeavor.


Initially used as a personal investment vehicle targeting high yielding Real Estate, XNV Properties now offers innovative turn-key investment solutions.

It applies sound principles of investing, using real assets to deliver high returns, to reduce volatility of returns and to achieve diversification from financial markets. From student housing to development, XNV Properties has the ability to structure investment strategies across the full spectrum of Real Estate market.

XNV Properties has also evolved into a Property Management Company, successfully managing 23 units within the 7 buildings it already owns and looking to expand that activity.