Development - Philadelphia

1137 S. Sydenham St.

XNV was offered the opportunity to take over a stalled project of a single family house. The goal was to complete the construction and  eventually sell the finished house. It is located in the residential upcoming part of Point Breeze in South Philadelphia.
While acting as co-owner/developer in partnership with David Haller, XNV is also a lender to the project.
The building envelope was finished and the interior almost fully framed when purchased. Work then included the reissuing of the permits, the interior designing and the completion of the construction.


At acquisition time

1137 S Sydenham St-Full-28 c.jpg

Finished Project

1137 S Sydenham St-Full-2.jpg
1137 S Sydenham St-Full-9.jpg
1137 S Sydenham St-Full-5.jpg
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